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2.3kj Completely Self Contained Induction Cannon

I’ve been collecting parts for this project for a while…and with the 24kj system taking most of my time, this one went largely on hold for a while. But I now have everything I need, and have built the enclosure. The capacitors are two 400v @ 14400uf lytics (HUGE!!). They will be charged off a 12v 5ah gel cell, and discharged via SCR. A 3.5" induction pancake coil will be affixed to the front of the "cannon". The entire unit can be picked up and carried like a large spud gun, except it shoots aluminum slugs with ferocious power.

The SCR is a stud type. Charging is accomplished via 12v –> inverter –> transformer –> diode –> caps. A hair dryer element is in series with the transformer primary to ballast it. Charges in about 1.5 minutes. I’m keeping this as simple as possible. The SCR is the same that I was using in my 3.5 kj bank, so I know it’ll be fine. Data sheet on my blog:

Jun 27, 08 Update:The system is almost complete!! Internal components need to be fastened down, but other than that, it’s fully functional. I walked outside, cannon under my arm…charged, placed an aluminum disc on the front, and fired. Very powerful!! Video coming soon.

Some Pics: