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Vintage Computer Collection

UPDATE 06-23-2016: After my Grandfather passed away, I inherited a collection of IBM equipment that is quite special.  In near mint condition, and often upgraded extensively, my vintage PC collection has grown to include these new items:

2nd PCjr
2nd XT with dual 360k floppy + expansion chassis with dual ST-412 HDD
IBM PS/2 model 30
IBM PS/1 486
IBM XT Portable
Good selection of vintage keyboards, AT, XT and PS/2
Vintage PS/2 mice
A gazzilion IBM options, some in shrink wrap, a bunch of ST-412 HDDs, and more, to be documented…

VintagePC_1 VintagePC_2 VintagePC_3 VintagePC_4 VintagePC_5 VintagePC_6

UPDATE 06-24-2016: More ISA cards and peripherals from my granddad:

PCjrPrinter PCjrSticks VintageCards_01 VintageCards_02 VintageCards_03 VintageCards_04 VintageCards_05 VintageCards_06 VintageCards_07 VintageCards_08 VintageCards_09 VintageCards_10 VintageCards_11 VintageCards_12 VintageCards_13 VintageCards_14 VintageCards_15 VintageCards_16 VintageCards_17 VintageCards_18 VintageCards_19


IBM 5160 XT – AMD 8088

4.77MHz CPU w/FPU Chip
10mb MFM Full Height Hard Drive
360k 5-1/4 Full Height Floppy
640k RAM
256k VGA graphics
130watt PSU

The internals of the beast.  Cards from left to right are video, serial, floppy and hard drive controller.  I’ve since added a clock card so the system can keep time when powered off.

The IBM WD12 hard drive made by Western Digital.  It holds 10mb.

A Seagate ST412 hard drive.  It also holds 10mb and is my second drive for additional experimentation.

The Seagate ST11 MFM hard drive controller.

The original IBM floppy controller.

A VGA and monochrome combo video adapter!!

The DIP switch settings on the motherboard.

System information.

– NEC V20

360k Half Height Floppy
640k RAM (Internal)
96KB CGA Plus graphics
SN76489 3-Voice Sound

The internals of the Jr.  From left to right you find the power supply, memory expansion, and floppy controller.

Jr’s floppy controller.

Jr’s 64kb memory card.

How do you get 640k in a PCjr without a sidecar?  Simple – a seriously crazy hack card!!  This card has a clock, V20 and 2 banks of memory…

…and it all fits right into the 8088 socket right under the floppy drive!!

Other Hardware

These are additional vintage components in my collection.  The fantastic folks at The Vintage Computer Forums have helped me in identifying some of this stuff.

Tandon TM 501 hard drive.  It holds 5mb!!

Reverse side of the Tandon drive.

XT Expansion chassis boards.

Davong hard disk controller.

Original IBM CGA video card.

EGA video card.

My first serious computer.  I wrote my first ever program on this.  It was a 10MHz 286, made by the Korean Hyosung Computer company.

Seagate ST225 – 20mb MFM drive.  It was in my 286.

MiniScribe!!!  IIRC, it holds 40mb and is MFM.

Reverse side of the MiniScibe.  A 3.5″ drive with a stepper…I haven’t seen many of these.  It’s like a baby ST-412.