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Clear Lexan Case Panel (OLD)

Well, this is my latest and great case mod. This is just a pic of my current computer setup. In this shot you can see my 18.1″ flat panel monitor (I could never stand a CRT again), my GTXP external box, a couple extra video editing hard drives to the right of the GTXP, my computer and scanner. On top of the computer is Tux the Linux penguin.

Everyone’s doing windows nowadays, and I decided that I’d go one step further and just get rid of the metal panel. I went to Home Depot and got an 18×24 piece of Lexan for about $7. I cut it to the size of the old panel with a table saw, made the fan hole with a router and stuck it on there with Velcro. Can’t really see the Lexan, hugh? It’s there though, or that fan is floating! I created the fire pattern from almost nothing. I started by taking a screenshot of a fire screensaver I had written years ago in DOS. I did some Photoshop work on it to make it a repeating pattern. I then printed them on photo paper from my HP Deskjet 930c. Next, I used a paper cutter to make perfectly straight cuts. Lastly, I used an Exacto knife to cut out the flames. It’s held on with loops of scotch tape so the tape can’t be seen.

Just another view from the front. That switch in the top drive bay controls the purple neon, next down is just empty, then the DVD burner, then the removable hard drive bay, next is the painted floppy drive, then the Sony 16x CDRW and at the bottom is my hard drive. The 3.5″ hard drive bay panel is off to let air flow out and over the drive for cooling. The blue glowire looks really neat in the dark too.

A view from the bottom. You can see all the organs pretty well, including the sound card, NIC, hot red GF3, fan, gig of ram, etc. Notice my red, green and blue rounded IDE and floppy cables (got ’em from You can also see the blue and orange glowire around the outside of the case, and the purple neon inside.

I’m working on getting an LED chaser or random flasher to put under the computer to look like fire burning underneath. I’m going to build a circuit from scratch for it by using a 555 timer and decade counter. I’m also considering a green strobe light to install in the top of the case.

The GREEN panel I used to have on here is now on my second video editing computer which, fortunately, has the same type of case so I didn’t waste the wonderful paint job.