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Dual Athlon MP 1800+ System (OLD)

I’ve procrastinated this project for months, just waiting to see if something new would come up…namely, the tbreds. Since they run hotter than the pallies, I decided that good ‘ol tried-and-proven Palomino MP 1800+s were the best way to go. I had decided on the motherboard a long time ago, the Asus A7M266-DL seen above. DL denotes LAN and working USB1.1.

Seen here is a gigabyte of Corsair Registered ECC DDR PC2100 memory…going cheap on memory in a dual system is not an option.

The two Athlon MP 1800+ CPUs before I even open the packages…

The mammoth Thermalright AX-7 heatsinks I had waiting just for this project. In between the heatsinks in the pic above are the shims I’m going to use. It’s not worth risking $300 worth of CPUs when $10 worth of insurance can prevent it.

This is the brand new Enermax 430w power supply I got because the good folks at said I should Smile It is SUPPOSEDLY a whisper PSU, but it’s NOT. I am hating the noise of the back fan as I type this. I plan to swap it for a Panaflo soon.

The EVER IMPORTANT B2 revision of the AMD southbridge. This means that USB 1.1 on the motherboard works!

The heatsinks don’t quite clear all the capacitors on the A7M266-D, so I had to dremel them. They are marked with red marker above where I am going to dremel pieces off. It’s a small amount of material in actuality, but it is TOUGH aluminum. Took over an hour and 10 cut-off discs to get them done. Then I used pressurized water to make sure all aluminum filings were cleaned off.

I put them in front of a fan to dry them quickly and completely, because I was losing saliva just waiting to try this computer out! JK.

I then installed the processors and shims.

The heatsinks and fans were then installed.

Lastly, the RAM was installed.

I then did extensive testing of everything using AMIDiag, a good ‘ol DOS program which can uncover potential problems before I installed Win2k.

Well, there you have it. This web site is the first project I did on this new system. Not a SINGLE crash or even a hang. *knock on wood*.