I Love Electricity


Solar Suitcase (New Lithium Version)

It’s finally done, my big ‘ol suitcase full of lithium batteries, inverter, and charge controller. The specifications are: -100w PV array -0.75kWh lithium battery storage -300w pure sine inverter -Volt meter showing 3 decimal places (28 = full, 20 = dead) -SunSaver MPPT charge controller -Internal circuit breaker and power switch Let’s take a closer […]

MEGA Battery Expansion for UPS

I have this large, fully isolated, dual conversion UPS which contains 16 12v 7aH batteries, for a stored energy capacity of 1.344kWh. That’s just not enough for me. So I connected 8 12v 110aH in 96v configuration to the “external battery” ports, which gives me 10.56kWh of extra storage. I don’t think they ever intended […]

Solar Powered Security Camera & Driveway Light

This solar powered security camera consists of a WiFi HD security camera with a DC-DC converter to ensure constant 12vdc, 110aH GEL battery, 80w SolarWorld solar panel, Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT charge controller, and LED motion sensing floodlight. First I started by testing the system on the ground, to make sure it was reliable. I found […]

100w Portable Power Pack

I recycled the panels from my old truck into this folding, portable AC power source, complete with batteries, capacity meter, charge controller and inverter. Unfolded Folded, with carrying handle Battery capacity monitor The back of the unit isn’t the prettiest, but it’s function over form here. You can see the four 6v 7aH AGM batteries […]

285w Pickup Truck Solar Power

First, R.I.P. 97 Tacoma. The frame broke in two at 18 years of age 🙁 (I recycled the solar array from that truck into another cool project.) So I bought myself a shiny new 2015 Tacoma, with the 2TR engine, essentially the newer version of the amazing 3RZ I had in my ’97. Long live […]

150w Pickup Truck Solar Power

I’ve #PutSolarOnIt! A 150w array on the back of my 97 Toyota Tacoma will do primarily three things: 1. Take the electronic load off the alternator and therefore save gas, 2. float my batteries and 3. Provide juice to charge the batteries for the 1500w inverter I installed for work and, of course, tailgating. First […]

Mega External Laptop Battery Pack

My Toshiba S75D is an awesome machine, but the rather lacking battery life needs to be addressed, and this is an area where I excel 🙂 Recycled lithium batteries and a $6 DC-DC Boost convertor should provide plenty of power for my laptop. Specification: Battery pack – 14.4v, 10.8ah (24 Li-Ion cells, 16.8v nominal voltage) […]

Power Conditioning for Computers

This was my UPS stack up until yesterday. There are 7500va of Liebert Dual Conversion True Sine units there. I certainly don’t have that much stuff plugged in, but I needed the runtime. The combined total of 26 12v 7ah batteries in them gave me plenty of time to get the generator started when the […]

Charging, Discharging and other battery care (FAQ)

Section Codes: NIMH – Q&A applies to NIMH & NICD Batteries LIPO – Q&A applies to Lithium Polymer batteries NIMHLIPO – Q&A applies to both chemistries NIMH – Q. Which is better, NiMH or NiCD? A. The power-to-weight ratio of NiMH is better than that of NiCD. Additionally, NiMH cells are available with greater capacity […]

Lithium Polymer Powered Brushless E-Maxx

The Traxxas E-Maxx is a great machine…a 4 wheel drive, dual motor, 14.4 volt electric monster truck. Because it is electric, it’s quiet, high-torque and cheap to run. As I’m into mechanical devices and electrical tinkering, this is the perfect R/C vehicle for me to experiment on. I’m a basher and started is project mainly […]