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2.3kj Completely Self Contained Induction Cannon

I’ve been collecting parts for this project for a while…and with the 24kj system taking most of my time, this one went largely on hold for a while. But I now have everything I need, and have built the enclosure. The capacitors are two 400v @ 14400uf lytics (HUGE!!). They will be charged off a […]

100psi Air Cannon

100psi Hand Held Self Contained Air Cannon This is a relatively simple device bodged together from junk I had around. Take some PVC parts, an old tire inflator, solenoid, capacitor, inverter and various other stuff, and you end up with something like this: Watch out! This sucker is powerful…and can be seen in this video: […]

Induction Launchers & EM Rocketry

Induction Launchers (aka Mass Driver) A Ring Launcher is an inductive launcher. When the coil is energized, it creates a strong magnetic field around it. Since this coil is flat and a non-ferrous ring is placed direcly upon it, this magnetic field creates a huge rush of current in the ring itself. This current turns […]