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Vintage 386 Project

This is a 386 build in an XT chassis.  AMD 386DX @ 40MHz, 8MB RAM, 1.44MB + 1.2MB floppies, 600MB IDE HDD and CD drive. ALI M1419 386 motherboard Cards are my favorite clone SB from a Packard Bell, VGA and IDE+Floppy Controller  Running IBM PCDOS 2000 ATI VGA Wonder-16 Video Card Packard Bell Clone […]

Vintage 286 Clone Project – Rebuilding My First PC

My first computer, received around age 9 or so (1990), was a 286 clone made by the Korean Hyosung Computer Company.  I kept the motherboard and HDD, a Seagate ST225.  I finally got around to re-building it though with upgraded subsystems.  The original had the ST225 20MB HDD and 5-1/4 floppy.  I will likely add […]

Vintage 486 Project

This is an IBM PS/1 Re-build.  Spec: 64MB RAM / Evergreen AMD DX5-133 CPU upgrade / MSDOS 7 / Floppy Emulator / Generic GUS / IBM 4GB HDD / Resound OPL3 Like it just came off the assembly line Originally had a 3.5″ and 5.25″ floppy with a slow CDROM.  Replace with Floppy emulator, IDE HDD […]

Vintage TurboXT Project – 1985 Dream Machine

This details my TurboXT building adventure.  All of my other XTs are genuine IBMs, running at 4.77MHz, with Intel or AMD 8088 CPUs.  I decided to take my crustiest of the IBM machines and rebuild it with a TurboXT clone board.  I also wanted certain extras, like NEC V20 CPU, Yamaha OPL audio, CompactFlash slot, […]

80s RetroComputing

This page is primarily about my 80s PC collection.  For my 90s collection, go HERE. My Collection Consists of: 2x PCjrs – one with 640k internal via Hotshot (detailed below) and another stock 3x XTs – 1 standard, 1 portable, and 1 custom project XT (will be detailed soon; currently rebuilding as of 07-14-2018) IBM PS/2 […]

90s RetroComputing

This page is primarily about my 90s PC collection.  For my 80s collection, go HERE. Remember the good ‘ol days of C:\>, SET BLASTER, Cubic Player, and the PCDOS DemoScene? The glory days of computing when you set your modem’s jumpers to COM1, IRQ4 and it always worked? Or when you made your mouse work simply […]

Logitech G500 Mouse Surgery

A mouse is very personal.  And the fact is, I don’t like how most of the modern ones feel.  This particular one, the Logitech G500, is about a decade old now (2009 release I believe).  I don’t do much gaming, but I find gaming input devices very good for productivity and image editing.  And us […]

Toshiba Model S75D-7272 Laptop (and Ditching Win8 for Win7)

AMD Ruby is smokin’, eh? Toshiba Model S75D-7272 Specs: AMD Quad-Core A10-5750M Accelerated Processor Windows 8 (I tell you how to load Win7 below) 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory (I popped in 16GB of 1600/CL9) 1.0TB (5400 RPM, Serial ATA) (Replaced with SSD) DVD-SuperMulti drive (+/-R double layer) (Replaced with SSD using a universal optical drive […]

The FastMHz Hackintosh

What does one do when they end up with a freebie Intel Core 2 Duo machine with hardware as standard as it gets? Make a Mac of course! Complete with retro Apple logo 😀 Here you can see the internals. There are two WD Velociraptors, a 150GB for Time Machine backups, and a 320GB for […]

DIY 16TB Portable NAS

I built this custom 16TB portable NAS so that I could take my enormous media collection anywhere I go…and it can double function as a portable HTPC if necessary. First I had to find the optimal case for this purpose. I wanted 4 removable drive bays as primary concern. The CFI A7879 Mini-ITX Home Server/NAS […]