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Power Conditioning for Computers

This was my UPS stack up until yesterday. There are 7500va of Liebert Dual Conversion True Sine units there. I certainly don’t have that much stuff plugged in, but I needed the runtime. The combined total of 26 12v 7ah batteries in them gave me plenty of time to get the generator started when the […]

90s RetroComputing (DOS Computer)

Remember the good ‘ol days of C:\>, SET BLASTER, Cubic Player, and the PCDOS DemoScene? The glory days of computing when you set your modem’s jumpers to COM1, IRQ4 and it always worked? Or when you made your mouse work simply by typing MOUSE.COM and your CDROM worked only when you loaded MSCDEX.EXE? How about […]

Vintage Computer Collection

UPDATE 06-23-2016: After my Grandfather passed away, I inherited a collection of IBM equipment that is quite special.  In near mint condition, and often upgraded extensively, my vintage PC collection has grown to include these new items: 2nd PCjr 2nd XT with dual 360k floppy + expansion chassis with dual ST-412 HDD IBM PS/2 model […]

CPU Fan adapter to allow 80mm fan on 60mm HSF unit

First, a look at some of the tools I used to build one of these (and do some of my other mods). A good drill and bit set are needed. Additionally, a dremel or two. The 30,000RPM electric model works great for tougher things, and the versapak powered one works fine for smaller tasks. Yes, […]

Wooden Computer Cabinet

Plain, beige, noisy computers are both annoying and boring, right? I’ve decided to solve the problem by designing and constructing a wooden computer cabinet. This project took many full days’ worth of work to complete. The entire construction process was undertaken by myself and my grandfather who has an extensive wood shop with which we […]

Wiring an ATX and AT PSU Together

This (simple) tutorial will help you to get an AT power supply to automatically turn on when you press the button on a computer with an ATX power supply. This enables you to use a second power supply to power things such as peltiers, and not break your budget for one large one. DISCLAIMER. The […]