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MEGA Battery Expansion for UPS

I have this large, fully isolated, dual conversion UPS which contains 16 12v 7aH batteries, for a stored energy capacity of 1.344kWh. That’s just not enough for me. So I connected 8 12v 110aH in 96v configuration to the “external battery” ports, which gives me 10.56kWh of extra storage. I don’t think they ever intended […]

Mega External Laptop Battery Pack

My Toshiba S75D is an awesome machine, but the rather lacking battery life needs to be addressed, and this is an area where I excel 🙂 Recycled lithium batteries and a $6 DC-DC Boost convertor should provide plenty of power for my laptop. Specification: Battery pack – 14.4v, 10.8ah (24 Li-Ion cells, 16.8v nominal voltage) […]