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Solar Suitcase (New Lithium Version)

It’s finally done, my big ‘ol suitcase full of lithium batteries, inverter, and charge controller. The specifications are: -100w PV array -0.75kWh lithium battery storage -300w pure sine inverter -Volt meter showing 3 decimal places (28 = full, 20 = dead) -SunSaver MPPT charge controller -Internal circuit breaker and power switch Let’s take a closer […]

Replacement of a bad capacitor in a power supply

I have a 400w PSU that has decided to emit a high pitched ear piercing squeal whenever a GPU load is applied. Upon opening it up, I discovered one capacitor on the secondary side of things is bulging at the top. I will be de-soldering this cap and replacing it: The bad capacitor The bad […]

Replacing a Power Supply Fan

There may come a time when you wish to replace your PSU fan with a quieter Panaflo model, or your old one just bites the dust. Most PSU fans are 80mm standard case fans. You can use a metric ruler to be sure you are getting a new one that will fit. The voltage must […]

Wiring an ATX and AT PSU Together

This (simple) tutorial will help you to get an AT power supply to automatically turn on when you press the button on a computer with an ATX power supply. This enables you to use a second power supply to power things such as peltiers, and not break your budget for one large one. DISCLAIMER. The […]