I Love Electricity


Solar Suitcase (New Lithium Version)

It’s finally done, my big ‘ol suitcase full of lithium batteries, inverter, and charge controller. The specifications are: -100w PV array -0.75kWh lithium battery storage -300w pure sine inverter -Volt meter showing 3 decimal places (28 = full, 20 = dead) -SunSaver MPPT charge controller -Internal circuit breaker and power switch Let’s take a closer […]

MEGA Battery Expansion for UPS

I have this large, fully isolated, dual conversion UPS which contains 16 12v 7aH batteries, for a stored energy capacity of 1.344kWh. That’s just not enough for me. So I connected 8 12v 110aH in 96v configuration to the “external battery” ports, which gives me 10.56kWh of extra storage. I don’t think they ever intended […]

100w Portable Power Pack

I recycled the panels from my old truck into this folding, portable AC power source, complete with batteries, capacity meter, charge controller and inverter. Unfolded Folded, with carrying handle Battery capacity monitor The back of the unit isn’t the prettiest, but it’s function over form here. You can see the four 6v 7aH AGM batteries […]