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90s RetroComputing (DOS Computer)

Remember the good ‘ol days of C:\>, SET BLASTER, Cubic Player, and the PCDOS DemoScene? The glory days of computing when you set your modem’s jumpers to COM1, IRQ4 and it always worked? Or when you made your mouse work simply by typing MOUSE.COM and your CDROM worked only when you loaded MSCDEX.EXE? How about […]

Vintage Computer Collection

UPDATE 06-23-2016: After my Grandfather passed away, I inherited a collection of IBM equipment that is quite special.  In near mint condition, and often upgraded extensively, my vintage PC collection has grown to include these new items: 2nd PCjr 2nd XT with dual 360k floppy + expansion chassis with dual ST-412 HDD IBM PS/2 model […]

Portable 8-Bit Nintendo

Some of the greatest games ever made were on the good ‘ol 8-Bit NES of the late 80s. I had my original NES laying around and decided to bring it back to life…as a giant “Gameboy” like portable. Highlights: -5″ color TFT backlit LCD -Externally rechargeable Lithium-ION power supply w/ > 3 hours runtime -Sound […]