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285w Pickup Truck Solar Power

First, R.I.P. 97 Tacoma. The frame broke in two at 18 years of age 🙁 (I recycled the solar array from that truck into another cool project.) So I bought myself a shiny new 2015 Tacoma, with the 2TR engine, essentially the newer version of the amazing 3RZ I had in my ’97. Long live […]

150w Pickup Truck Solar Power

I’ve #PutSolarOnIt! A 150w array on the back of my 97 Toyota Tacoma will do primarily three things: 1. Take the electronic load off the alternator and therefore save gas, 2. float my batteries and 3. Provide juice to charge the batteries for the 1500w inverter I installed for work and, of course, tailgating. First […]