I Love Electricity

Whole House Audio – Inexpensively

Go to your local electronics store and you’ll find wireless speakers, yes. They run about $99 a set. Let’s say you want your music everywhere in your house, like I did, and need, say, 7 of these. So you shell out about $700 only to find other problems, like interference with your wireless computer network or cell phone.

I came up with an even better solution. FM Radios and my own “mini-station”. That’s right, I have my own FM station, which happens to be 106.3 at my residence. It doesn’t extend much beyond the back yard, because for anything more powerful you’d need an FCC license to broadcast. I bought a high-end FM transmitter, not one of those cheap MP3 Player to FM Radio ones. Those suffer horrible audio quality, and broadcast range. Mine cost about $170. Then I bought a bunch of FM Radios…the J-Win JXM202 was perfect, looks nice and sounds great…and I got them for $20 a piece on eBay. I also had a couple of other Sony radios laying around, perfect for the garage and hottub areas. So I’ve got music in the bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, garage, shop, office, everywhere. And it cost me $250 or so. Say I want to add music to another room…I get another inexpensive radio and I’m done, rather than spending $100 or more for those wireless speakers.

Another bonus – portable “boomboxes” can be placed in the back yard for barbeques or parties, blasting the tunes of the night. It really is the perfect solution – provided you live in an area with some empty space on the FM dial. I’ve been running the system for a couple of weeks now with no problems. I tuned the station on my full sized stereo and couldn’t tell the FM from the original source – this of course depends entirely on your transmitter’s quality. Avoid any transmitters in plastic cases!!! These are often low-quality, and leak RF all over the place, and also take in outside interference. Also be sure to read up on the maximum transmit powers in your country. My transmitter is the LandmarkFM FM-350. I have an mVix with my entire music collection driving it 24/7.